Sales Department

Technical Department

The sales team collects the characteristics of the product to be supplied and informs

the technical department, which takes care of the design.

We offer the right solution even with aggressive products, high loads or extreme temperatures.

Machining Department

Construction Department

Assembling Department


Shipment Department


The machining department is in charge of the complete construction of swivel joints, valves, couplers and standard components. The numerical control machines (CNC) are completely managed by a central programming unit that oversees the various production cycles.

Processes such as turning, milling and hardening are followed with particular attention and the machined pieces are checked with the necessary measurement tools to verify their dimensional conformity and hardness.

numerical control machines

After passing the required checks, the semifinished product is made available to the assembly department for installation on the loading arms.

After welding, mechanical assembly and functional tests, the finished product is ready for factory acceptance tests.

Officine Meccaniche Cavourresi s.r.l. supply liquid transfer systems for the oil, chemical and energy sectors. The headquarters and the factory are located in the municipality of Cavour, proudly in Italy. From here, OMC branded products have spanned the globe and have become synonym with quality and reliability since 1965.


The OMC staff is at your disposal for any need.

(+39) 0121 69581


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